Free Web Site Promotion Explained

The internet is full of links. That's how we navigate from one website to another. I don't promote my websites through any other means than getting linked from other websites. I don't manually submit to search engines, and I don't pay for traffic. Everything is done through link exchanges.

You want websites to link to you.
You don't want their traffic, but you want the search engine rankings that their links will help you achieve.

That is how you build traffic for free. You receive links, and your search engine traffic increases. If you site is optimized and has plenty of good content, and you have a lot of relevant links pointing to your website, then you should do well.

How do you get websites to link to you?

It's simple. You offer to link back to them. This requires taking initiative and emailing the webmaster asking for a link trade. I personally like to arrange index or home page link trades when possible, although getting linked from ANYWHERE is better than not getting linked at all. "Content Pages" are often overlooked as great places to exchange links. My least favorite links exchanges are from "links pages." These links pages usually are overloaded with irrelevant links and receive very little search engine exposure at all, so I hate working with them as they are hardly worth the time and effort. The only exception is if you are able to get links from "established" links pages without too many existing links, or if you can get "bulk" links from links pages. This is free promotion for a website works.