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Hello everyone. This website exists for 2 reasons...
1) To obtain inbound links, online advertising, and website promotion for free for my sites.
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How do we increase website traffic hits?
We do this by exchanging links.

The foundation of the internet is links. It's called the "World Wide Web" for a reason. Websites link to other websites, and it makes a huge, global, online web! It is through this process of linking that web sites receive free traffic hits from search enginges.

I personally have been working fulltime with online affiliate marketing and internet advertising for eight years. Over time as the industry has changed, it has become very difficult to find good people to work with. I don't want to pay for links, nor do I have any websites greater than PR4 (that's my disclaimer for all you PR-obsessed people).

I am your "Average Joe" webmaster. If you are reading this, you probably are somebody like me too, or you are probably just a beginner and don't know alot about internet marketing and advertising. In a nutshell, here is how my online business works, and it's actually all pretty simple in concept. I have over 50 different websites, and they promote ALL different kinds of things, except for related to illegal or adult/xxx material.

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